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Welcome …

I'm Nick Abadilla, and I work as a professional photographer based in San Diego, California. Here's a quick snapshot (pun intended) of my life …

I've been happily married to my lovely wife Nance for over 20 years, and together we raise our beautiful and vibrant daughter Sophie who gives us reason to smile and laugh each day. We've traveled the world as a family, and are all the better for it. Egypt, China, Japan, France, New Zealand, Turkey ... hmmm, where to next?

I started my business in 2002 following 20 intense but rewarding years in the graphic design industry. With corporate life behind me, I found myself doing a lot of really deep soul searching, ultimately realizing it was time to honor my long-time passion for photography. So with my wife's blessing, I wholeheartedly embraced it as a profession and haven't regretted it for a second. Working from a cozy 1,300 square foot studio in an otherwise ho-hum industrial park, I specialize in commercial assignment, editorial and lifestyle portrait photography. My love for the craft will be evident once you step inside.

With this blog I give you a glimpse into my life behind the camera. I hope you find the posts interesting, entertaining, and maybe even inspiring from time to time. Your comments are most welcome and encouraged. And don't forget to check out my main website at

French Café Photo Shoot

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Maddy Myers, a superbly talented and ambitious singer/songwriter. Determined to take her musical career to the next plateau, and with her teen years fading into memory, Maddy wanted to create new promotional images to better represent her identity. Over a casual lunch meeting with Maddy and her parents, I listened with interest as Maddy envisioned her ‘brand.’ When I asked her if she’d be receptive to an empty restaurant, coffee shop, or café as a photography venue, she was all for it. So, with a bit of legwork, we were able to get permission from A Delight of France French Bakeryin Escondido, California, to shoot after their lunch hours. Here’s a few cool images from that creative afternoon. Watch for another post following our upcoming studio photo session!

Maddy waits patiently while my assistant and I prep the shot.

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